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People say I script for both Tucker Carlson and Keith Olbermann.
All I know is, I never meant to be a copywriter.

For 5 years I was the founding CEO of a high paced tech scale up in a very data driven, uninspiring sector.

My copy sold the dream to our first investors, early adopters, journalists, and even skeptics. It then kept them coming with our updates and newsletters.

It warmed would-be customers with blog posts and news articles. It launched our reputation further with contributions to financial services and RegTech books.

It calmed regulators with white papers and drove thought leadership in the industry, often ghost writing speeches, turning audiences into revenue. It was used at the British houses of parliament, and regurgitated in pubs then length and breadth of the country.

Unfortunately, the pandemic well and truly smoked that company.

Yikes! That sounds intense. So, what happened next to this heroic yet unkowing copywriter?

I left London at the end of 2020 before a sweeping new lockdown would hit. Escaping to a tiny island in the Med, I started Freediving, crypto trading, and creating ghost copy for other scale ups from my network.

Both back home and in the states, my words weaved their way into corporate boardrooms and onto peoples screens. Persuading, convincing, exciting, and engaging. Time again providing high quality copy.

Then I saw a gap in the market and decided to focus on providing copy services to professionals who write YT videos, news articles, blog posts, and even advertisements & script padding - but have too much workload to create from scratch.

So here we are. BenjaminCopy.℠
I write copy, and you copy  it.

Providing ghost copy with zero attribution to BenjaminCopy.℠

Giving founders the words and stories to describe their dreams and vision. Providing companies the correct on-brand messaging to compel new customers. Delivering news to an on-demand always on audience. Fostering a true sense of community, wonder, and a strangely satiating yet must-read-more opinion based articles for magazine style websites.

I have a very natural ability to talk about most financial concepts, and - for my sins - I have a large repertoire for insurance tech. I try to balance this out with educational subject matter alongside providing content for health articles.

Since launch, BenjaminCopy.℠ has been embedded in emails, in blog posts, in national and regional news articles, in its entirety in the crypto space, provided commentary to insurance magazine sites, supported TradFi institutions adopting Ce & DeFi, and provided academics with copy for reporting and journal publishing.